Monday, February 11, 2008

Virtual Art Wall

My wall just became a virtual art wall, that is where paintings are hung, moved and displayed in seconds. In the picture above, I left one if the cables down so you can see how adjustable it is. I am so pleased with a new gallery hanging system, not only for the ease of hanging a painting, but how you can live with your art and really look at it... I mean really look. As an artist to step back from your easel is one thing, but to be able to hang it on the wall and see if it from different angles in the room is extremely helpful.

Like I said, I am so happy with the system and do highly recommend it since it is not terribly expensive or hard to install and the benefits are numerous. Art belongs on a wall after all the hours that go into creating a personal statement, it needs a home where others can view and enjoy it too. Share your passion of painting and what you love to do. Not everyone is this fortunate...not everyone can paint. It is a gift, I am sure.

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