Friday, April 11, 2008

Art Collecting

One of the biggest things I regret in my life is not learning more about art. I am just now (in my old age) studying the lives of some of the great artists. How interesting their lives were and how amazingly similiar their struggles were with their art. I find it really interesting to see how they overcame their insecurities and went on to become famous. I hope to start purchasing paintings by other artists. I love seeing the works of my artist friends hanging on my wall. What better gift to give a friend or relative then a piece of art you carefully painted or picked out just for them. It is the gift that keeps giving. They will look at that painting and think of you.

"Buying the work of emerging artists is cool—it's nice to know that you're supporting someone who is probably struggling and dreaming of quitting his or her day job—and there's more: the wonderful feeling of living with art. Each thing you own frames your personal history and becomes anchored to the chapter of your life in which you acquired it. Accumulation of good, affordable art is a big improvement over the typical clutter on apartment walls."

Jen Bekman


kari terkeurst said...

i just want you to know Laura (mom) that you are an amaizing artist!!! your art work is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It is less important at what stage in life we learn than keeping the ability to learn all through life. Thankfully there is no maximum age limit on "going to school".