Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Left Turn in Thinking

Sometimes when I am painting I will be surprised by how my thoughts change about the subject matter or where I think the painting is heading. Originally I thought the individual petals of the hydrangea would be tedious, but in fact, I found them to be fast, fun and fresh. It was a choice to make them come to life without being exact. I liked the challenge of creating the depth with the light and dark contrasts of color in the composition. The shades of blue and purples brightened the day and the room which was dreary. Although I have learned art always holds some bit of the chance that sits right along side with my knowledge of basic technique. I happen to like that duality. Maybe that is the addiction to art that is so attractive and I am excited to see the other two pieces that complete the whole painting. No doubt there will be some more ahhh-ha moments then too.


Laura McCall said...

wow Karen this is really nice. You really made that Hydrangea come alive. What an appropriate time to finish this painting...spring is here and the gardens will soon be full of beautiful flowers. I am sure we will be painting more flowers in the near future. Can't wait to see it all put together!

Linda Hiller said...

Karen, that's great. I've always been afraid of Hydrangea's, but you have made them so effortlessly detailed. Lovely.

Shirley said...

I totally agree with Laura and Linda. You really made the hydrangea come to life. I am in awe of your talent as well as your partners. All of you should be very proud of yourselves!! I look forward to each new painting as they always put a smile on my face.